Humble Of Bumble.
Humble of bumble. Not to tumble. Truth speaking. To your bow, peeping. Inside creeping. Until your emotions seeping. Unable. To be sleeping. Dripping your drab. Unlocking your crab. Heating. Your body, spirit, heart, mind , meat. By my greet, complete. Tickle uplifting. Out your abide. Illuminating. Your sides. Tsunami lifting. Their tides. Inside, outside, and beside. Until your corn, popping. Hips-hopping. Disc flopping. From ceiling to floor. Creating your roar. Climaxing to relaxing. Your passion trees, axing. From all. You're hot. Getting my waxing. Not madly, but maxing. Like a Jackson. Making your five. Spirit, heart, body, mind, soul. More alive. To thrive. Not just survive. Bumbling your bee hive. Without conniving. That's the megs of ram. Of mine. Electrifying your front, sides, up, down, behind. Shocking, rocking. Your passion jock. Like a ship. Coming into dock. It's time. The clock. Does rhyme . " Jingling your bells " . Beyond Christmas. Or, dismiss. That's my kiss. " A " . Of list. Inside your passion mist. Making your snake hiss. Truth. Never any disrespect. Lady select.