Please accept this letter
Dear You
It's been a while since you've left, and I've been waiting for you for the longest
Although there's been a lot of sightings yet none is confirmed
Which makes it harder to move on since you've been gone,
I'm still sitting alone in the same place, scared to look in the mirror,
Too afraid I won't recognise my own face
I thought that love would conquer all, and nothing could break my fall
But now I smile with sincerity, and for the most part
My day's been plastered with fake smiles, due to a broken heart
You know I won't compromise, and I won't ever pretend,
So consider the hand, holding this pen
trying really hard to understand,
And as I write this letter, it's hard to find the words that matter,
With right palm pressed against the paper,
Just think of all the pages I could write, I dare not speak, but let my thoughts recite
These days I'm finding happiness so hard to show
Because there're too many tangled emotions, turning love upside down
All the hurt that broke my heart, has left me trembling in the dark
And as the seasons keep changing, I've found an ending with no new beginning,
Maybe I would if my world would just stop spinning
And so I cry because I'm sad
I smile only because I'm grateful
Then sometimes I scream because I'm so afraid
Cause since you left me its gotten freezing cold
My world's frozen in and my limbs are numb
The days turn to night and that's all I know
You left, I cried, and licked my salty tears as my sadness grows
And loneliness cut through me, tearing at my soul
But before I bring this letter to a close, I will paint a smile upon my face
And brush away teardrops, like you they'll be gone without a trace
Because now, I'm almost at the end, with tired fingers holding this pen, and I'm almost lost for words
Except for all the things that you've said
They've now left me defeated, with fading memories of you trapped inside my head
Because you've stolen my pride
And left me crushed with all your lies
Now please accept this letter as a final goodbye!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo