Shadows and Silhouettes
The evening sun tiptoes
Shading, cradling
Pieces, parts and specks;
Flimsy silhouettes molding,
Tracing drifting promises
Of what’s left underneath.

As the scent of the ocean permeates
A transient breeze whispers,
Ruffling these loosened hair strands
Tossing then tucking,
Like the time you absently did-
Deep set eyes smiling
Leaving me shaky, breathless
Echoing the ripples of my heart
On the open sea;
Vast, fathomless.

Those feather light kisses
Lingered on my trembling lips,
The way water trickles over my bare skin-
Delicate caresses replenishing me
Brushing in between the teasing waves,
Such smoothness and warmth
Seeping simultaneously,
With the coarseness of the sand
Clinging on my bare toes.

I glanced at the fallen sun
On the shifting sea,
And for a moment I saw them-
The ripples of shadows
Staring back at me, as one-
And yes, just as they said,
They cling, as long as there's the sun,
Those shadows-

Of the world you left behind.

© dark_angel

#memories #painfulmemories #nostalgia