In the Company of Love: Falling Petals.

Wash me in a Rain of Flowers and Petals
As this Feeling of Love Rises and Settles
Let the Rainbow of Effervescence and Colors
Send Waves of Warmth up my Spine
till it Purrs
Oh how Sweet it is to be Enveloped
in Pure Bliss
A Flurry of Emotions so Enticing
that cannot Miss
Fill my Cup with Joy and Ecstasy's Spells
Pour me out a Blessing of Fulfillment
with Rings and Bells
And may the World See what it is to be
Happy and Free
To Release this Tension so Long Carried
had I been Alone
But now can't you See I no longer have to Be
Finding on my Journey of life
another Light Shine
And oh the Dizzying Heights Achieved
and Decreed
As at its Apex Calls will be Heard
as a Bird when finally met this Need

Fill me with your love
Let my cup run over
And just like the lily flower
Let my heart move
Dancing to the rhythm
of your words.
What does my heart want?
Is it to dance to the rhythm
of your words or
Is it to be enclosed in
the blissfulness therefore?
Looking unto that perfect day.
Fill me with your word
Let me tread on the
petals of your love
Our love is blissful
Singing in fulfillment
to our hearts