Karma's Friend
She's the epitome of grace and strength
A woman of substance, at any length
Though others may try to bring her down
She stands tall, never wearing a frown

Her heart is kind, her spirit bright
Radiating love, even in the darkest night
She stands by her man, through thick and thin
A loyal companion, through every sin

She's a beacon of light, in a world of dark
A guiding star, leaving her mark
Her beauty shines from deep within
A true goddess, untouched by sin

No matter what life throws her way
She'll rise above, come what may
For she's a woman of faith and love
A blessing to all, from above

So never underestimate her power
For she's a force to be reckoned with, every hour
A woman of strength, courage, and grace
A beautiful soul, in every embrace.
© cynfully