#Chisco.G (the eagle)

Rose (🌹) is beautiful,
the smile is real,
love a song of divine.

just like the doves of the sky,
she is brighter than the sun.

far more special than the precious
she is my heart desire,
when she smiles I see my future,
when she cries I lost my faith,
when she sings I feel alive,
she is the angel of my time.

Angel of my time,
your speeches are pure,
Paradise is a home for the saints,
but you took me in like a saviour.

all appeared on a mirror,
all I can see is you and myself,
for our love is made in heaven.

we met in the season of togetherness,
the month of love and harmony,
building our future hoping for better days,
while we enjoy the romantic air from
the sky, as we walk around holding our
hands like bird's of desame Fedders.

Chisco.G (The Eagle)