I have a hidden rage
under the blanket of my subconscious,
It sits calmly but is hot as lava.
It does not move from it's place
but plays with daggers of revenge.

Sometimes it acts like a psychopath
while counting the sins of people and
the pains of women patiently!
The screams of women while begging
nits the web of hate,
in the walls of the mind and
slowly reminisce the gates of the hell!

I represent the correct disorder
of all the lasses of the land that have felt the moments of helplessness
and the seconds of assaults!
The cuts and bruises are busy preparing a bloodshed war of emotions,
while the cruel touches remain stubborn
not to move from the places of the deh!

But now the cries have stopped
and the eyes went blind,
She turned back and saw
purity was no longer behind!
Just then rage stood up
with fire in the surrounding...
and wished the Lord to vanish
females from all the earthly bounding.

Because there is no other solution!
Because there is no other solution!

© Astha Borah