Beneath laughter’s veil
With an upbeat tone, my sadness finds symphony,
Our empty echoes turn to melody.
Let’s cloak our tears and woes, you see,
With laughter’s guise, how cheerful we’ll be.

Beneath our silver mask of pure delight,
No one discerns our abyss’s depth in sight.
Perhaps in this façade, respite we’ll find,
Using ignorance and denial to fool our mind.

Like actors on a stage, we perform our charade,
Stitching wounds with laughter, as sorrows cascade.
Each smile a battle won, yet within, we silently cry,
Behind laughter’s veil, our true selves we deny.

Adorned with practiced art, our façade we wear,
Hiding depths where darkness tears, leaving us bare.
Yet should our sorrows be hidden, concealed?
Or dare we wear them openly, our true selves finally revealed.

© inkedNivek