Night Walker part 3
He stands and laughs as i
Roar through the blood soaked
Atmosphere pinning me down to
The ground breathing poison into
My lungs watching as i cough up
The ashes of my mistakes swiping
The face of the shadow slowly
Rising to my feet

I watch as the blood seeps into
The ground resurrecting the fallen
Soldiers of darkness peeling back
The grass rising into battle creating
An eclipse while opening the veil
Releasing the demons of chaos
That hold my head under the swampy
Reflection of sorrow and self pitty

I feel my body flounder as i lift
My head with ease spitting up
The venom coursing through my
Memories slowly clearing the webs
From my eyes drawing me back into
The fight while melting my conscience
Exposing the fire within the eyes of
My heart illuminating the fabric of
My twisted mindset

I awaken on the battlefield
Sun smiling down at me as
I find a puddle of water that
Quences my thirst while also
Reflecting the darkness within
My eyes and a grin slowly creeps
Onto the face of my reflection
Repeating the words of my downfall
While fading into the light of my uprising

© 2023