Golden cage
The people surrounded around our cage were looking at us smiling and grinning. For them this cage meant nothing it just a few bars behind were we live. But for us this bars are like snatchers who snatch our freedom and happiness.
And the humans who captured us should be shameful to call themselves human when they don’t have any humanity. They snatch our home, our family, our freedom just to earn some money. They don’t care how we feel. We are not able to tell and express our emotions. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have emotions.
Sometimes we do feel protected here and have no fear about being hunted by the hunters and we do get food to eat without searching for it. But that doesn’t mean we like to live here like this.
Even after getting food and protection it still a cage which is the cause that we can’t live out life the way we want. Since we have no control over our own life. We feel powerless when they overpower us by capturing like this. This felling of being control and struck here forever depressed us. Because we know our life’s has put certain limits. And we can’t do things that we enjoy and interest us.
Aren’t we have given this life just like this humans and have right over it than how can they become the owner of our life. How cruel can they became.
The source of entertainment are not enough for them that they made us the source of entertainment. So that the people can came and look at us when they are bored. We are bored here too.
Sometimes we feel happy and joyful when the children made attempt to play with us. But at the same time it’s hurts and we feel sad looking at the happy families when realization hit us that we won’t be able to see our family anymore.
Then a fear stuck inside our hearts thinking about which will be our last day when they made us do harmful stunts. As much as the unfortunate death scare us, it somehow gives a relief that we will be finally free. At least our soul will be at peace.
The life of being caged is like losing our peace and happiness.when our own life has being control by someone else. And just like this caged animals humans don’t like it when someone control their life. When they can’t do anything they like and had to listen to others and leave their interest, passion. There feelings do hurt when no one understands them. They had to live for others happiness showing that they are happy too. But inside they feel nothing but empty.

© @sabah