The Bridge Between You & I
There's a bridge you can cross but it's broken
There's a body of water to cross, but we cannot swim
There's an ocean between two ending worlds
That no one can seem to stop the collision
An endless and aching river

There's a wall between life and death
That holds me with the living while you rest
There's a disaster of the end I wish to happen
And I'll be there to watch it unfold

Two worlds exist in the midst of ruins
Awaiting their own extinctions
Awaiting their ends for their misery
They see the ocean rise up to the sky
But the world which divides them
Will never die

The bridge that divides life and death
Is rebuilt and made of stone
Unbreakable souls built it to last forever
But the end has already come
The world that we knew and loved
Is far away gone and long lost

© HenryKibermeschvask