My baby getting so angry for Stalkers.
Oh, baby in this online maze,
Where stalkers lurk, causing disarray,
Their antics may seem frustratingly bizarre,
But let's not take them too seriously, by far.
Baby, calm down, let's see the humor,
In their silly games, let's be the rumor,
Their copying and pasting, oh, how absurd,
Let's laugh it off, with satire's clever word.
You scold them with fire in your eyes,
But darling, their ignorance is their disguise,
When I whisper, "Calm down, my sweet,"
Know their games won't bring you true defeat.
Baby, calm down, don't let them deceive,
Their copy-paste tricks, we won't believe,
They yearn for your words, to steal your thunder,
But let's outwit them with satire's wonder.
Those stalkers think they're cunning and wise,
Copying and pasting, their futile tries,
But little do they know, it's all in vain,
Your satirical reign shall be their bane.
So, let's craft a song, satirical and bright,
To show those stalkers they've lost the fight,
Their antics hold no power, their motives dim,
Baby, it's time to mock them with a grin.
Baby, calm down, let's turn the tide,
Satire as our shield, our source of pride,
Laugh at their copies, their petty desires,
With clever wit, we'll quench their fires.
In this world of stalkers, strife, and despair,
Satire will guide us, showing we don't care,
So, baby, calm down, let anger cease,
And let's mock those stalkers with satirical peace.
Remember, my love...it's all just a game,
Let satire be our laughter's flame,
Together we'll triumph over their fuss,
With humor and love, in us they shan't cause a ruckus.