Transformations Take Time
On this spot
there used to be
an old silver maple tree

But after a long life
I aided and lumbered
the falling of that tired old tree

Soon thereafter, within its perimeter
of rotten roots, I chose a more fitting
suburban ornamental tree to plant

And when these crabapple blooms
transform into tiny apples
and become sweetened after the first frost

I will harvest five pounds
before the robins pick the rest clean
mashing and bagging these fruity apples

Blending sugar water, enzymes, and yeast
Fermenting into a slowly sizzling frothy brew
Racking, repeating, and clarifying

As I eagerly await in anticipation
of tasting my next batch of homemade wine
still ahead in another nine months time

Thus as with all life lived
transformations take time
as in the making of crabapple wine 🍷

Made my first batch of crabapple wine a couple of years ago and hope to make another batch for the forthcoming holiday season. Thought you would appreciate the photo of the crabapple tree that provides fruit for my ‘tart’ wine recipe. 🍎

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