Hand in retreat
i tried my best
in conversations.
please give me that!
to be a friend,
in need, even when
there was no need.
yes, more than friend
in hope, but no scope
to criticise, or so
i thought for very long.

and yet, it didn't work,
me with you.
wishes, gifts, poems,
few times together,
the waiting, pain,
not of leastest gain,
to us, to me, alas,
that's life, to amass
wisdom when fail
we do, again, again.

don't text me please,
no morning wish.
you're on your own,
those you've sown
seeds of friendship
with, they're there too.
i'm out of here, never
to return, get well soon
or few years later, it's
up to you, time's on
your side, and will stay
for many decades long.
keep your health strong,
improve your mind.

© Sanjib Basu