There's a calm in the mundane
Sitting on the same seat in library for a last few days
I like this spot
And the spot painted on my shirt by my caffeine every morning
I spill it at the same place everyday
And the same mundane walks
Sometimes when the unweathery cloud pass
Sometimes too cold to last
Until I see an owl to stop
Or maybe this time a peacock's dance
But wouldn't that be different?
Yeah maybe or maybe not
Cause I see a new bird in this mundane at every rock
Kingfishers on monday
Wood peckers on tuesday
And sometimes even some birds that are unknown
Till the end of the week, just to again start off
Yes, maybe the mundane is comforting
And there's some beauty in mundane!
The beauty my heart is awaitful yet scared of while breaking this chain
I somehow fear
What after this mundane?
© bhavs