the songs that nobody wrote
the songs that nobody wrote

by R

here are the poems
and what they all spoke

here are the songs
that nobody wrote

here are the lovers
lost in their heads

here is the promise
I should never have said

you sound like a hero
you're my favorite, you know

I'll tell you I love you
ten times in a row

tell me about your family
in the key of G

you have uncles of
much better than me

cousins of tubas
from your Canadian side

also your sister , Xylophone
who came along for the

you never need money
you all live on clouds and and sweet songs

a beautiful story
about where people belong.

don't explain anything
please, let me guess

you won't take my confessions
you know the rest

I'm Beethoven and Elliot
I'm king of the air

We'll end up in somewhere
that never was there.

© R Becker