Moon - My Love
More than billions of galaxies in the universe,
But you are the only one, My moon
Loving you from miles away,
Devoting to meet you soon.

As unfeasible as a diamond rain
My love for you won't be in vain
Your glittery eyes, made me enchanted to you,
Slowly acquainting phases of Blue.

Hands willing to bleed, for thy every thorn,
Even in the times of Catastrophe, I'll be still sworn
Attached to you not only by heart,
But also by the distance apart.

Show me ur scars, will make them mine
Although if impractical,
I'll wait for an eclipse to align
Imma the wolf crying out each month,
Only for warmth, not for any hunt.

You being surrounded by numerous stars
Found myself out of your radar
Still if you become someone else's star
You'll be my strength to fly high,
But I'll always stand by
Only to become your Sky....
© evie_me_2005