who drew stars around my scars
Yes, it's this world
That hurts me
And it all doesn't matters
When you mean the most to me,
My everything.
The day you showed me your
Magical castle-
Built within my heart-
That's so brittle,
The way you trick me with 
Your alluring aura-
And cure the pain so painless
By your endearing love,my luna.
After the spellbound,exquisite gate
Of the castle were outstretched
You dropped down the magic wand
Gasping for air in that white suit,
Looking like an euphonious flute.
Your thoughts filled with
My happy days of the
world around the castle-
Where else,i see my world
in your galaxy-eyes gaze.
The gates got closed,
As our hearts interlocked
The key was lost in vast space
So did i,
By your enchanting embrace
And that's the day,
I found our "Magic shop"
And till the day,
I get the best service-that i
Could ever ask for!

© seraffine