an elegiac romance
it's all or nothing, she loves him or loves the other
she must always have loved him or never at all
it's either one or the other, it can't be both or either

he was the romantic knight, the one who saves the maiden
but the maiden didn't want saving
she was scared? happy? content? secure?
he could not crack it, did not know

and I was the squire, behind him I was
I trusted and believed, I watched and cheered,
and yet,
he failed.
I was disillusioned, enlightened
the truth, the reality, the matter of fact
was revealed in a moment and that was when I knew
it was an elegiac romance

he was destined to fail from the moment he begun
fives years in the making, five years of strain
all for nothing. She did not want his riches or fame
she wanted the security and stability with the cheating strain

Write a poem about a time that your illusions of someone or something were shattered.
inspired by Nick in the Great Gatsby