Healing is so fuckin weird, and slow.
On some days i’m healing and some days I'm breaking apart again and again.

I'm always relapsing and starting over.
Healing is such a zigzagged line.

On some days I'm okay, then there are days I just wonder what I ever did to deserve all these & I break down.

But, on both days, I am healing, by all means. because it's all I've got.

As I keep striving to healing, the poison leaves my body bit by bit, not all at once. It's slowly, so slow.

But, I'm patient with yourself. I forgive myself again & again & again.

I let the potion of healing fill my mind, body, soul, sinew, veins, arteries and my whole being with ease and gentleness.

Healing is slow, but it will eventually pass over my being. And then 'll be rebirthed and reborn like the phoenix from my ashes!

© jk writes!

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