World's Apart.
There's a place beyond
The hills,
Where the trees stood tall
And still,
And moon has lost
Its shine
The nights are dark,
And the place is
Haunted, with
Hate & grief
In their world
There are people
With lost love
The grief walks in
At 12 am midnight.

In the deepest
Of the haunted place
There is a river
That flows towards
The mountains and
Lush green grass
Which come across
A tulip fields

Bright pink
They dance with grace
And in them, I
Found you, a beauty
With your enchanting
melodious voice
And in the dark
When you tap
Your feets to the
Music of nature
And your body
Glows like it has
The stars on
Them that shines
And in them
I found love, the
Day I found you.

As I gave you
My heart and
So did you gave
Me yours,
We promise to
Nurture the
Love that
Felt like
Dancing on the

And on 12 Am midnight
The grief walks in
The city of love,
It covered in
Black and white
Everything was burnt
No one was left
Love died,
And everything turned

I open my eyes
And started searching
For you, like a
Distant dream you
Disappeared, as
You were nowhere to
Be found.

Time stood still,
My eyes dried
My eyes still
Searching for
You, and the
Love, that I have
Always wanted to
Hold for a lifetime.

I could do
Nothing, I made
Myself believe,
I have lost you.
But, you are
Still alive
In my memories

I ran through the trees
And into the places
Where, love grews
The tulip fields,
For once, the field
That helds its
Charm, with those
Beauty and flowers
That used to bloom
But now as I
Lost you
The night moon
Is nowhere to be
Found, and the
flowers have died

And I found
Myself dying
In the sea of
Your memories
Love, your
Memories are
The place where
I am dying,
As grief walks in
And stood with
Me by my side.

Until today I
Still remember you
Your laugh, smile and
Oh dear, I won't
Ever forget you
For once you
Stayed in my heart
And now, you stay
In my poetry.

© alpha stella