Colorful world

The world is beautiful,
with numerous sceneries,
be the blue oceans...
or changing colors of the sky.
The golden rays of the sunrise,
spreading over the greenery,
as is falls on the yellow sunflowers,
slowing moving down on brown branches.

Rainbow were created after drizzle,
and I close my black umbrella,
while walking down the sea beach,
filled with seashells and pebbles.
A lot to be added in my collections,
blue, pink, red and green,
using some as my decorations,
matching with the wall paint.

Looking out from the window,
away from my flower garden,
Being drifted in my thoughts dreaming,
watching the white clouds in the sky.
So, I wondered the artistry,
bestowed upon us as blessings,
how many being my favorites,
and so much I might be missing...

For, I am partially colorblind. :)

© Dr. Manish Rout