Journey of life

A twisted road,
A rebellious journey,
A challenging code,
Towards life's tourney

Life has us carrying a heavy load
Too late to call for an attorney
So might as well lick the toad
and have a weekend like Bernie.

As crazy life may seem,
It could always be worse, for some are incredibly mean.
When hunger takes over, people won't hesitate to slice you spleen.
So stay alert and make sure you stay keen.

Male sure you stay on course.
People will fall off. Just pay homage and show remorse.
Don't look back, for the path already taken can't be changed.
You might witness others go off road, and go off range.

Don't follow anyone, follow your own path.
Stay alert, for the road is full of wrath.
The road ends when you meet your maker.
Try to be more of a giver than a taker.

Play some tunes and have fun.
Maybe grab a passenger or 2. No limit of passengers. Your vehicle can carry tons.
Gather as much memories for.there isn't a set sum.
Just being on the road means you won.

© venkatjamespersaud