In the labyrinth of our minds, we have crafted an intricate mechanism,
A prism through which we distort the unrelenting flow of time.
This self-preservation instinct, born from the unyielding desire to evade emotional turmoil,
Shields us from the bitter sting of past wounds,
and the daunting uncertainties of the future.

Time becomes a malleable entity, its inexorable passage slowed to a crawl,
its sharp edges dulled.
We retreat into a secluded realm where pain is muted,
and the present lingers indefinitely,
offering respite from the relentless assault of life's tribulations.
Within this secluded sanctuary,
we find solace, albeit a fragile and fleeting illusion.
Yet, as with all illusions, the cracks begin to appear,
whispering tales of missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams.
The prism we once clung to for protection now threatens to suffocate us,
isolating us from the vibrant tapestry of life.

It is then that we must find the courage to shatter the prism,
to embrace time's relentless march,
and confront the emotions that we have long denied.
Only then can we break free from the shackles of the past and truly live in the present.

© Lai Montes