Oh my lone wolf, where have you gone?
Leaving me here, all alone and forlorn
Your soul once embodied life and love
Now has left, like a soaring dove
I miss you dearly, oh my lone wolf
With every beat of my heart you stole
You loved me freely, without any bounds
But now you're gone, leaving me in the grounds
Truly blessed, I once stood
With you by my side, all was good
But now I stand, with a million memories
Of you and I, in love's sweet reveries
None have faded, none have gone away
Only you, my lone wolf, are astray
Be free now, my love, run wild and free
For you were always meant to be
My heart may ache, and tears may fall
But I know you hear my silent call
Run free, my lone wolf, in the moonlit night
For your love will forever shine so bright
Oh my lone wolf, lost love of mine
I'll keep your memory alive and divine
So go now, my love, and do not look back
For I'll always love you, my lone wolf, that's a fact.
© cynfully