Serial Polygamist
Anxiously thinking if Zarah used birth control,
My brain took off and I lost control.
Laying stagnant, I allowed you to
Spray breath into my lungs.

I shut my eyes and sorted my ties,
Saw myself like a mirror.
Grasping nothing, yet refusing nothing,
Receiving but not to keep.

As I speak these words loosely,
All these women, but none of them first.
I receive them not to keep them,
Yet I told her there was no service up in the mountains,
Happy with my girl, but I want Tara Sutaria.

At night, all these Instagram models,
Look just like grannies.
My heart races, I'm always gaining,
Because I forget to lose.
40 floors in the air, come and find me.

I really hope that you didn't believe
That I want Tara Sutaria.
We came at the same time like "jinx,"
Pink vanilla, I clearly have a type.
Ripe, I can see myself in her.

If she can survive my fury,
Then she must be godly.
I'm a taker, a receiver,
Yet my fury speaks of a yearning for more.

I told her
She can remove one piece of clothing
Even though I prefer Naruto
Forever be a serial polygamist.

© .🌹.

I saw myself as a mirror. . .