From a Stone...Darkly
Far too often are we shown,
that smiles are fleeting
and are prone,
to reveries of aching melancholy,
joy diminished then postponed.
Needling ego pokes its holes,
through ignorant bliss
that once was known.
By end of day has vanquished you,
now you languish
as it usurps your throne.
Impeached from your seat of power,
your better angels overthrown,
obsessed with the material world,
with all things flesh and bone.
"Happiness will be mine one day!"
we mumble, moan and groan.
"Perhaps when I've retired,
when I've paid off all my loans.
When my years at last are golden,
My outlook will be brighter then,
than ever it has shone!"
Perhaps on that day Sisyphus,
will gather moss
instead of roll the stone.
One day in the future,
when children have all grown.
When finally they mature,
and end their love affair with phones.
When blustering winds of change,
and all the minds they've blown,
rest upon their breezy laurels,
leaving behind no unturned stone.
When we've seen all that there is to see,
all that possibly can be shown,
It will all pale dismally in comparison,
to what the Heart has always known.
Each new day a tribulation,
by trials and error
are we grown.
Done no wrong but made to feel,
that for your nature
you should atone.
Original sin made of us a bad seed,
and has ever set the tone,
of a life by us was surely led,
but by us was never owned.
And because some were not nurtured,
instead werw left to fend alone,
over time their hearts have hardened,
now they darkly
pump blood from a stone.
So grimly now we reap,
unwanted outcomes,
heedlessly were they sown.
Blooming here and sprouting there,
as far as any wandering eye may roam.
For a time this was held under,
what I assumed was my control.
Though on this side of the looking glass,
we see only through eyes of ego.
A disembodied consciousness,
has no claim to your throne.
Makes the mind a dense,
and such a complex thicket,
a Heart of Darkness sort of wicked,
ideas so old,
thick and overgrown.
Realize your claim to power,
refuse to be disenthroned.
Power shared is not true power,
and what is shared cannot be owned.
Be still in the silence,
let the Phoenix meditate alone.
Be amazed at scorched earth left behind,
when your fiery spirit has flown.
© All Rights Reserved