Echoes of a Year Passed
Inspired with a deep and daring desire to succeed, I share amd spread my dreams along the way on the path embarked upon, by way of fruitful seeds, on this lonely road, these seeds grow graciously developing into branches and roots they always find a way to find me, infused with mental vigor and emotional responsiveness. I embody a team of traits that instill a strong belief in me. building a character that is engrained with nobility i can always trust. Exuding a reassurance akin to self-confidence, resilient as a bolder, i can only get stronger, I intend to keep on. Like the morning sun, bright and shining logical thinker and a philosophical depth and sharp wit therein to help collect wisdom, oh what a great journey i find myself traveling on, nervous excitement flows through me. I cannot lie and wait, thaking advantage of making actions, mastering the act of beneficial movement. While I exhibit stoicism daily with my demeanor transparent during my self-discovering self journey I strive all the while for mind and body and third eye to thrive with the times, as frequent as the tick tock on the clock, balancing a nurtured and hungry soul. Reminders of what I've found and who am I and where I aim to be as I leaves weak echoes of the old me behind. Already ready to begin a new year. Before reaching the ending of this one.

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