Puss in Boots and Kitty’s honeymoon part 2
Puss continues to serenade Kitty with romantic phrases in Spanish. Her heart melts and she loves his touch on her thigh
When Puss gets up to get dressed, Kitty teases him by wearing his feathered hat. He glares playfully and they chase each other around the room as if they were kittens again. They get dressed and eat breakfast, and go out for a day exploring the sights in Spain. They sample delicious Spanish cuisine and snap pictures of beautiful buildings and flamenco dancers
🎵 It’s you and me, that’s my whole world. They whisper in the hallway she’s a bad, bad girl. The whole school is rolling fake dice. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes

Their second night on their honeymoon, they have sex again.
There’s nothing like this, Miss Americana and the heartbreak Prince
“Oh my goodness!” Kitty moans as Puss rubs her womanhood to her finest pleasure. Her legs are spread apart wide for him in their master shower.
Puss sucks out on it rapidly several times, loving that it turns her on
“Oh yeah baby, this feels so good” she whispers
“I’m glad baby”
Puss licks his paw and strokes for a few times to give her some more wetness. Then he sucks nice, slow and sensual for a couple more times
When Kitty is ready, Puss (who still asks her for consent even though they’re married) enters her
And all Kitty sees from this point on are magical stars
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