I am a Women
I am. a Women... I belive in my -shelf no one support me.
So. I become my own strength and support
I am not afraid to tell the truth.
I face all the truth farelessly
Iam a women who. miracle .the
bravery of our society within.my shelf as, Maa Durga,Maa Kali,
Maa Shakti
Iam a Women, I belive my -shelf that I face all the challenges in my life.
I am a Women I.Don't give up at all, I fall down.....But..Stand up
and recover my green injuries....
Iam a women I don't give up
I take my pride Iam a women in my goodness, strength and truthfulness....
So.I consider my-shelf....
I am a Women..... !!!!!

© 🎖️ Keval 🎖️