Unjust leaders

This is a letter to my leaders,
Who for a second think they're mind readers,
Terrible men who extends laws of oppression upon us, making us weaker,
Yes, these are evil men who add Corruption and Embezzling to the list,
All at the expenses of the masses who are the real needers,
Despite our protests the old man got nerves to manipulate our votes, In horror we watched you feign suprise, silly pretenders!

It is saddening to note,
That after stealing our vote,
You ensured that you stepped on our toes,
causing us intense sorrows and woes.
Old man did you forget that you swore a solemn oath,
to take care of the country but no your priority is to flex and gloat,

Whereas we're all left with nothing
but a dose to swallow from your wickedness,
Our feets sad and soiled for our helplessness,
We weep loudly out of sadness,
Believing that a saviour would come and save us for our faithfulness.
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