Magical Little Pill
Let's climb the stairway to the moon,
Then sit and view the beauty of earths' blue lagoon,
Soar through the galaxies playing a cosmic tune

The moon will guide us as we wander along,
Its gentle light shining so strong
With love beside us to fill the night with a song

With each step we take the moonlight surrounds
Showing a mystical pathway on the ground
A magical presence that astounds

As we journey on we feel its embrace
A comfort in this vast space
Letting us feel safe in this place

We follow its shimmering light
As it leads a magical trail through the night
Natures beauty pure and right

With the moon as a guide we will never stray
For its wisdom will show us the right way
To help us through another fateful day

There’s magic in this small little pill
It eases all the pain and makes us still
Leaves magical images until
We are strong enough to find our own will.