Paying for past mistakes as it's required to evolve,
beyond the problems found in life you did resolve.
Ever moving forward despite objections of them,
unable to see past the turmoil created from mayhem.

Stirring up emotion through actions found unsettling,
which cause chaos in places otherwise most serene.
Being a paradox within paradise that once existed,
until disturbed by storms brought by desire twisted.

Creating a world in which people must live fearful,
of things they can't see that leave their eyes tearful.
Trying to survive while keeping hope for dreams,
Amidst the masses of lost souls and their screams.

Searching for a way to find someplace to escape,
from the madness which is seen on the landscape.
Where dreamers seek inspiration from reality,
to make sense within the limits of life's insanty.

© Renopoet