Dream of a Common Man
The Dream of a Common Man

Lush, green meadows,
Brimming with fragrant flowers,
Borderlands to joy,
Pathways to success,
In the companionship of,
Family and friends...
How can l fail?, calamities preached a sermon that touched the hearts of men and women but l excluded myself from both .The deceit which wrestles ,departed while my eyes were closed.In a day or two, l would enchant glorious hyms on the gate of my dreams.
Now l stare as the light deams,
Barely approached by my life's wheels.l am still exactly where l was yesterday.
But before the pen ,l was blank ,empty and shallow.
Now look what the pen has done ,an open door awaiting for me to enter.
Multitudes hands awaiting for me to applaud,so l could not enter the gate of my dreams with you, "YESTERDAY ".Sorry ,but the lust of my dreams have taken control over me .