the lonely roads to success
I don't know what to write
I even don't know is it right
maybe I need some inspiration
and not just another suggestion
all I wanna do is find a way to success
but I can't see the any path of progress
if I work so hard I would definitely find a way
but it's getting difficult day by day
though i know I will reach the summit in the end
and life is fine I just can't pretend
I am lonely for soo long
theirs no one for me to get along
but I know somebody would be there for me
with whom I will share all of my dream
when a song relate to life
It's make me cry and strive
Tears make me gorgeous
Removes everything poisonous
It's all dark
I need a spark
I am scared of being alone
I am also a precious stone
I am not afraid to be cut as diamond
I can't correspond
Beauty comes with those scars
But at night darkness is splendid with stars
It strike my heart when some says u have lots of flaws
But I know I am here for a cause

© shweta_Meshram