more than a fairy tale
Baby uh are stuck in an unrealistic fairy tale
These are all exceptions, don let them ruine you sweetheart... Hold up my hands, close up your eyes, let your inner core trust me, and let's run away from this trap of daily demise.
I know it is soo greatly fascinating to see the crown, but gal you have your own body to work for... Uh just don't need any extraterrestrial stuffs to add on or to put over your head... Its just a peice of visual temptation..
The glowbugs never dazzles anyone to have a look at 'em they just shine on their time and allure those attendees.
I know you are not tryna pluck any exposure towards you... But this is making you look Weak stuff..the more you claim the more you proved yourself as an observational thing. Gal, I know uh got rebel kinda morality.. Its just need to be higher up to your extend to fullfilment... And one last thing that need to be bear in mind is that 'progress and process the things which allied you no matter whether it fits in or not'.