Devil's voice
In the confines of my mind, I hear them all
The voices that haunt, the echoes that call
Lustful whispers that drive me insane
A never-ending chorus, a torturous refrain

I tried to silence them, to tell them to leave
But they only grew stronger, refusing to grieve
They hijacked my thoughts, made me their slave
A prisoner of my mind, unable to escape

My wounds are invisible, hidden from sight
Bruises that fester, pains that incite
Tears that refuse to flow, locked in my soul
A struggle I bear, a burden untold

I walk and I laugh, but inside I weep
A cage of my own making, a secret I keep
Time marches on, my body grows weak
But my demons still rage, their voices I seek

This is ain't no fairy tale, no happily ever after
Just a harsh reality, a cruel and bitter master
I may be forgotten, but I still endure
Living with the pain, seeking a cure

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