Embracing the Pain
We often sing of love, passion and joy,
Of hearts entwined like a child's toy,
But when love fades and passion wanes,
We're left with nothing but lingering pains.

It doesn't matter how much time we spent,
Or how deeply our love was meant,
When it comes to an end, it's hard to mend,
And sometimes, it's better to just pretend.

We try to work and make amends,
But sometimes, it's just the end,
We shouldn't blame ourselves or hide,
From the pain we feel inside.

We feel lost, or wonder why,
Why "me" , and start to cry,
But we must remember, it's not our fault,
Sometimes, love just comes to a halt.

Every good thing comes to an end,
Even the love we thought would never bend,
But we must embrace the experience, my friend,
Even when it's left us feeling sad.

For though the pain may be hard to bear,
We'll emerge stronger, we'll learn to care,
We'll find new love, a brand new start,
And mend the pieces of our broken heart.

Life is not over when love is through,
There's so much more out there for you,
It's not the end, it's just the start,
Of a new life, a brand new heart.

So don't be afraid to let go and move on,
For every ending is a new dawn,
And though you might feel alone right now,
You'll find your way, you'll learn how.

So embrace the pain, and feel it all,
And soon enough, you'll stand tall,
With a newfound strength and a brighter view,
Of all the possibilities that are waiting for you.

© Avinash David