Your Evolved Truth
52:7.3 The revelation of truth is now extended to the central universe and to Paradise. The races are becoming highly spiritual. A great people has evolved and a great age is approaching. The educational, economic, and administrative systems of the planet are undergoing radical transformations. New values and relationships are being established. The kingdom of heaven is appearing on earth, and the glory of God is being shed abroad in the world.

Your Evolved Truth
Sunday worship will again
Be centerstage where I live in.
We’ll be lectured from the pulpit.
Our best seats are in the chorus.

We love to lift our voices up.
We sing from where our souls erupt.
The inner life there, we display.
To hear the voice of God, we pray.

That’s experience in this life.
we love, we pray, but not alike.
Our unity’s not uniform.
Our inner lives are multiform.

God loves to hear us, as we pray.
He knows we change to adopt His ways.
His rule for all is uniform.
Understand His Will, and be reborn.

The Will of God is always Love.
God wants what’s best for all involved.
It will happen, given time.
It’s here right now, see what’s Divine.

Your inner life can be Divine.
The Spirit leads to that in time.
Decide to follow Faith and Love
Then your Truth will be evolved.

Thank You, Father, I pray I can
Attract some others to Your Band.
We’ll learn to play in harmony.
This world of Love has yet to be.
Paul Anderson

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