White Man
White man,
You came here,
And stole my dreams,
My legacy,my kids.

White man,
You killed lot.
My future,
Its darker than my skin now.

White man,
You had a musket,
I even don't knew what is it.
You killed lot,I wasn t knew the reason.

White man,
Don t try teach me.
Death rising on my land,
Which of you,bringed it?

White man,
Don t talk about heaven.
I don t need your bible,
My lands was heaven.

White man,
You killed lot,
Middle East or Africa,
Even India,Asia,America.

White man,
Don't talk about human rights.
White man,you became rich,
By making us your slaves.

White man,
Go back your cold lands.
White man,
Leave me alone,world is not yours.

White man,
You killed hundred millions,I didn't.
Im proud of being me,
My grandfathers are not genociders.

White man,
It wasn't enough,
After all,you started kill yourself.
White man,don't talk about freedom,you stole mine.

© MoonMan