Living Royalty-Growth: Feeling VS Imaging:
Life is but a dream. Were all born Kings and Queens, amongst all living things we are destined to be free. I encourage every soul to strive to be the best possible you can reach of being. You saw it, I still see it. Substantial difference, isn't it? ¿ .. I aspire to inevitably be someone great, something so rare, something never witnessed of seeing. In the times of living before we leave LIFE could be a MOVIE, or at least we can make it seems so. This life that was given to me is short, although illusioned to seem like an endless scream. Again, I say the life given to me, yet still does not belong to me. If one was to follow the stitching of their jeans, following by adjusting the angle being interpreted of the perpetual and complexity towards a clear meaning. This is understood as being a series of patterns standing for a person's actions constantly being repeated. The Time is Now! …This is the moment every possibility of living happens an act of BUILDING. Change is uncomfortable, although growth is redeeming.