Somewhere Thoughts

Some where or anywhere
You are always in my thoughts
The thoughts means so much to me
Does it mean anything to you.

Anything means what Thoughts
That is the thought I am thinking
Cause that is a thought I'm winking

An old adage or proverb
A penny for your thoughts?
How good today
And it goes with out saying

Thinking Loud bout you
Thinking silently about you
You are still a thought
Worth thinking.

A penny for your thoughts
Has always been an inspiration to me
Because of which
I am today

Your thoughts so profound
You remind of the wise Owl
I'm also an Owl too to
Ruminate on your thoughts

With out dismissing
Your Thoughts
Your thinking
I'm contemplating

My contemplation
To a great extent
is a part of your thoughts
Your thinking

Me another Owl
Digests your thoughts
Digest your thinking
taking out the chafe from the wheat flour

Taking only the diamond
from the stone
when I break your thoughts
So meaningful

My Darling Lalitha
I'm always indebted to you
Your thoughts
Your Thinking

What I'm Today is only
And only because of YOU

@M Krishna Bangalore

© M Krishna Bangalore