Man of the Universe
" I am a man among men, Born of God, I am man born among the stars, I am Pisces, born among the constalation, since the beginning, I have been among the creation, I am a man, I am the twinkle of all the angels eyes, that twinkles bright, man of earth, able to see Heaven's night lights, I am a living being, serenity, and supreme, I am a Pisces, born a man, I am of the Lord and Master of all creation's, I am Pisces built for God's children and there protection, an Ambassador of Peace, lord of war, to the one and only holy God, shall this man kneel before, I am a man that hearts peace of desire, I am a pisces, soul of war lit on fire, loyalty, respect, and pride, For God, For the one true king of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ and all his might, Christian Crusader's suiting up, our commander Jesus Christ leading the pack, total war domination, physical and spiritual, battles of lifes trials and tribulations, I am a champion of God, the the battalions of demons, I am a man of oh my God better repent, I am of God's country, I am of God's glory, I am a man ofy own battles, my own story, I am a man of the heavens, I am aan of hell, I am a man of men, fallen angels spread among the earth, I am of the past, I am of the future, I am of today, I am a man living among men, crusading for Christ, I am a man, who has been saved, I am a simple man, every day I pray, I am an ambassador of God, unto eternity's end, I shall kneel, pray, rise and fight, I am a man, who will fight to the end, I am a man of all the above, I am a man, universal in every way, I am a man of great contriverse, I am a man of the universe"
© David J Davis