Memories of nature
My letters was falling down while my life is broken.
I'm paralized in your memories of a time which seems so happy an distant at the same time.
Never was enough the whisper in my ear when you were here.
Holdin' me tight, being the most tender showing of human nature.
Returning to the other side I know how much can be hurt the same memory.
Because you're attached to something will never come back.
It's ok. You'll see, you said over and over again.
But I'm still see the new drama I made.
The flowers are dry, and here in my supposed pain I guess the sun' not always is for everyone.
I'm dying in a silent scream. I live in a distant place when always trouble is able to start.
They call it : WORLD. And it's seems too big to care about me.
Anyway, my own nature has been destroyed. My words are blurry.
I never be with you again and I don't know why but I deeply hope, that all this is just a lie.

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