Death bed
"Blurred eyes close,
Breaths slow, it's time to go
To my final, peaceful rest
On this deathbed, I lay at my best

All my ego, pride, and selfish desire
I cannot change, but now I aspire
To seek your forgiveness and love before I depart
From this world, my broken heart

It pains me to see you cry
But I must say goodbye
My body may be dying, but
A part of me will always live on, befitting

So when I'm gone, don't you grieve
Hold tight to the memories, let them relieve
The love we shared, the moments we had
In your heart, I'll forever be glad

The bleak hope, of my come back
in my beloveds eye,
But sorry love it's time to kise me

its time for my eternal rest
Silence from all distress
Everything ends with this last breath at this
death bed, at this death bed.
© Avinash David