An enemy of peace,
A catalyst for some successes.
A complex emotion and state of mind,
at times it's everything you need to survive.
So why lie to the masses
of this god you survived just to be alive.
It kept your eyes open,
it kept you breathing for another day,
it helped you better yourself
when you could not see your way,
it guided you to a check point,
the one we are about to discuss today,
you've outlived it's usefulness,
you don't need it to breathe again,
you've walked on water so many times,
you don't need it's hand.
But now you're sinking,
because false gods only last a moment,
you can't speak,
you have no will again,
you can't walk
Or see past the blood on your hands.
you've sacrifice your soul
just to be one of them,
the unsatisfied, the greedy minds,
the self proclaimed gods, those stuck in time,
Those who belong to sand,
who seek whispers from the dead.

Yet God, Elohim
The author of second chances,
speaks "You wouldn't need it,
if you heeded my messages,
But I understand my teachers
have compromised
To accept the world's standards,
That you couldn't hear me
if I stood next to you,
Because they sound like
the same hell that preached to you,
there's no difference between them,
and the pain That so intimate to you,
But I will never leave you,
or Forsake you to the wolves.
I am the shepherd,
I will always speak to you till you're secured,
till you return yo where you belong,
so desperation no longer can minister to your soul...
Be still... "

© fruitfulodyssey