feeling of depress person
sorry ,so so sorry cause me
don't know , do-do-don't know why me

I feel like thro-thro-thron in life of me,
I hope that people don't try tra-tra-try to throw me out of their life la-la- like a tree

I normal but they calles it abnormal but how so
I have heart like-like them only brain have some damage

but they call me why psycho ,I'm
life-o not a psycho
I am sad ,afraid but they call it all mad

why me god-god why me? what I done to be prey
I am normal but why so formal I feel it not so like me

hey there I do-do-don't need help like you think but I more need the besti like she/he

I feel like people are la-la-laughing at me
like joke-oh so they fake-oh ha ha haha

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