the ending...
Even though our story may end soon
But I'll never forget meeting you
You are my favourite chapter
Despite the limited and temperory nature of our story
And even if our bond was only a chapter in your book
You are and will always be my favourite book
Doesn't matter how long we go

I still remember how it all started on a trip
And in that short period we got attached just cause of a pen and a paper strip

I still remember when we talked about our feelings
When we cried together to go through the process of healing

I still remember the moments when we smiled through the day and cried at the night

Maybe only for a few days we got someone to rely on
When I realised what you were going through
For the first time I felt that there was someone I really knew

Whenever I heard you talking
I felt like it was my heart that was speaking

You became special to me not because we shared the same problem
It was because you became the reason I started to search for the solution

Thank you for being my brother
And you are the best brother I could ever wish for

But don't forget the promise we made
Whenever you feel like giving up
Remember there's your sister who always wants to see you on top