Winters Night.
I love winters
My hands wrapped around you
Gliding over your face
Hug me like a child
Slowly, my hand
begins to glide in your shirt
I removed the shirt, and now I can see the red bra
That hides your cherries
Your cheeks turned red like a blush of fine red wine.
I remove your bra and see the cherries longing for support and craving for more
We both are naked
As the fire in our bones increased
With every touch of yours,
The desire increases and the nights become longer
Mouth to mouth
Lips to lips
Lets ignite the fire from within
Let's get entangled in souls
So, let's stay awake and make love all night
Until the moon losses its shine and the stars crave for the love that is as deep and bright as ours.

© alpha Stella