The End
After years of pain and suffering, a beautiful morning has dawned
My mind has never been so at peace, my soul never so free
Only thing in my way was just the poor old me
Everything is finally clear, like the skies this bright new day
There were no demons, there were no troubles
No jealousy, no treachery, and no politics at play.

I put sadness in my loved ones eyes, I put regret in some
I put a sense of lonliness that I would never come
But now it's all alright, now everyone is healed
I have made it all go away
No longer shall I hurt anyone ,
No longer shall I cause pain
Things have changed for the best, my demons are now slain.

I am cleansed from head to toe, dressed beautifully in a suit
The fragrance of flowers fills the air , the incense enamours the breeze
I am in a garden with my friends with whom I shared my life
I look forward to sharing myself with even the bees and trees
I have given away all my little possessions, I am free of needs
And whatever left will nature use to nurture the budding seeds

So I bid adeiu and leave a name for everyone read
I am happy and whole, my pain is ending, the circle is now complete
What bliss it is to know, I am no longer a slave
Of this world and its charm , as they walk me to my grave.

© raaifshah